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If you are in search for quality and meaningful shopping, you have come to the right place! We are constantly searching for and providing the best quality products made with love and housing it all in one boutique style shopping experience.

 Every product has a story.

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"Every product has a story"


Our boutique was inspired by Cleopatra and her lavish, over the top taste and lifestyle. We are on a mission to seek even the ends of the world (Yes! We said the world!) to find the best products, clothing, skincare and jewelry. We are a boutique style concept, therefore, we have a limited amount of each item for every season with the exception of skin care products. 

We love to support little gem, small businesses and designers who put love and light into their craft.

At Cleo Boutique, every product has a story. 

  • Natural & Cruelty Free

    Our entire skincare collection is natural and cruelty free.

  • For the fearless & bold.

    Each piece is meant to bring excitement to another version of you or to accentuate who you are. Let the clothes speak to you!

  • Meaningful handcrafted treasures

    Providing handmade pieces made with love, the designs that tells different stories.

  • Curated Pieces

    Discover what you love with an evolving selection of clothing, jewelry, and skincare.